Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherds

Best Dog Food for Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd


Australian Shepherds are energetic and intelligent dogs that require a well-balanced diet to thrive. Considering their active lifestyle and potential health issues, it's crucial to provide them with high-quality dog food. In this article, we'll explore some of the best dog food options for Australian Shepherds and discuss the factors to consider when choosing the right food for your furry friend.

Factors to Consider

Before looking into specific dog food brands, it's important to consider the individual needs of your Australian Shepherd. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Age: Puppies, adult dogs, and seniors have different nutritional requirements.

  • Activity level: Australian Shepherds are known for their high energy levels and should be fed accordingly.

  • Allergies and sensitivities: Some dogs may have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients, such as grains or poultry.

  • Health concerns: Australian Shepherds are prone to certain health issues, such as hip dysplasia and epilepsy, which may require special dietary considerations.

Top Dog Food for Australian Shepherds

1. Orijen Adult Dog Food

Orijen is a renowned brand known for producing biologically appropriate dog food. Their Adult Dog Food formula is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of active breeds like Australian Shepherds. It contains high-quality protein sources, such as free-run chicken and turkey, along with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.

2. Merrick Grain-Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

This grain-free formula by Merrick is an excellent option for Australian Shepherds with food sensitivities. It features deboned chicken as the first ingredient, along with a mix of beneficial supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health.

3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is known for producing high-quality dog food, and their Wilderness Adult formula is no exception. It's packed with protein from deboned salmon and chicken, making it an ideal choice for active dogs like Australian Shepherds.


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Choosing the best dog food for your Australian Shepherd requires careful consideration of their individual needs. Look for high-quality protein sources, essential nutrients, and limited fillers to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. Consulting with your veterinarian can also provide valuable insights into your dog's specific dietary requirements.


1. How much should I feed my Australian Shepherd?

The amount of food your Australian Shepherd needs will depend on factors like their age, weight, and activity level. Generally, adult Australian Shepherds should be fed 1.5 to 2.5 cups of high-quality dog food per day, divided into two meals.

2. Should I choose grain-free dog food for my Australian Shepherd?

While grain-free dog food can be a good option for dogs with allergies or sensitivities, it's not necessary for all Australian Shepherds. If your dog doesn't have any specific issues with grains, a well-balanced diet that includes grains can be beneficial.

3. Are there any ingredients to avoid in dog food for Australian Shepherds?

Australian Shepherds may have sensitivities to certain ingredients, so it's important to avoid common allergens like corn, wheat, and soy. Additionally, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors should be avoided whenever possible.


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