100 Regal Dog Names for Distinguished Pups

100 Regal Dog Names
100 Regal Dog Names for Distinguished Pups

When it comes to choosing a name for your beloved pooch, finding the perfect one that embodies their regal and distinguished nature can be a fun and exciting process. Whether you have a noble breed like a German Shepherd or a majestic Great Dane, there are plenty of regal dog names that will suit your distinguished pup perfectly. In this article, we will explore 100 regal dog names that are as elegant and sophisticated as your furry friend.

Regal Dog Names for Male Pups

If you have a handsome male pup that exudes confidence and elegance, these regal dog names are perfect for him:

  • Kingston

  • Baron

  • Prince

  • Duke

  • Lancelot

  • Reginald

  • Augustus

  • Montgomery

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Regal Dog Names for Female Pups

For your sophisticated and charming female pup, these regal dog names will make her feel like the queen she is:

  • Victoria

  • Duchess

  • Lady

  • Empress

  • Isabella

  • Amelia

  • Charlotte

  • Eleanor

Regal Dog Names Based on Royalty

For a touch of royal flair, consider naming your pup after famous kings, queens, princes, and princesses:

  • Henry

  • Elizabeth

  • Arthur

  • Catherine

  • William

  • Mary

  • Philip

  • Anne

Regal Dog Names Inspired by Mythology

For a mystical and otherworldly vibe, you might consider naming your pup after legendary gods and goddesses:

  • Apollo

  • Athena

  • Zeus

  • Hera

  • Thor

  • Freyja

  • Loki

  • Artemis

List of 100 regal and distinguished dog names for your elegant pup:

  1. Maximus
  2. Duchess
  3. Sir Winston
  4. Lady Isabella
  5. King Arthur
  6. Queen Victoria
  7. Reginald
  8. Empress Josephine
  9. Duke Wellington
  10. Countess Adelaide
  11. Baron Bentley
  12. Princess Anastasia
  13. Marquis Maximilian
  14. Lady Penelope
  15. Noble Oliver
  16. Countess Arabella
  17. Sir Percival
  18. Lady Guinevere
  19. Duke Reginald
  20. Queen Eleanor
  21. Prince Ferdinand
  22. Duchess Seraphina
  23. Lord Archibald
  24. Lady Genevieve
  25. Earl Montague
  26. Princess Cordelia
  27. King Regis
  28. Lady Beatrix
  29. Baron Rupert
  30. Queen Isolde
  31. Duke Lancelot
  32. Duchess Rosalind
  33. Sir Cedric
  34. Lady Clarissa
  35. Baroness Antoinette
  36. Prince Octavius
  37. Countess Isadora
  38. Duke Horatio
  39. Lady Evangeline
  40. Sir Percival
  41. Duchess Allegra
  42. Lord Montague
  43. Princess Celestia
  44. Baron Victor
  45. Countess Seraphina
  46. King Baldwin
  47. Queen Magnolia
  48. Sir Leopold
  49. Lady Anastasia
  50. Duke Bartholomew
  51. Duchess Sabrina
  52. Count Maximilian
  53. Princess Rosalind
  54. Baron Maximilian
  55. Lady Octavia
  56. Marquis Reginald
  57. Queen Isabella
  58. Earl Archibald
  59. Lady Genevra
  60. Baroness Arabella
  61. Prince Ignatius
  62. Duchess Cornelia
  63. Sir Bartholomew
  64. Lady Seraphine
  65. Count Oliver
  66. Princess Cordelia
  67. Duke Regis
  68. Queen Rosalind
  69. Lord Maximilian
  70. Lady Guinevere
  71. Duke Leopold
  72. Princess Ophelia
  73. Baron Augustus
  74. Duchess Arabella
  75. Marquis Ignatius
  76. Lady Magnolia
  77. Earl Montague
  78. Countess Sabrina
  79. Duke Percival
  80. Queen Evangeline
  81. Sir Archibald
  82. Lady Clarissa
  83. Duke Bartholomew
  84. Princess Seraphina
  85. Baron Victor
  86. Countess Octavia
  87. King Cornelius
  88. Queen Penelope
  89. Lord Reginald
  90. Lady Anastasia
  91. Duke Maximilian
  92. Duchess Rosalind
  93. Sir Baldwin
  94. Princess Genevieve
  95. Baron Octavius
  96. Lady Isolde
  97. Earl Leopold
  98. Countess Allegra
  99. Duke Reginald
  100. Princess Isadora

These names evoke a sense of royalty and elegance, perfect for a distinguished and regal pup.


Choosing a regal and distinguished name for your pup is a fun way to celebrate their noble and elegant nature. Whether you opt for a royal-inspired name, a mythological moniker, or a name that exudes sophistication and charm, there are plenty of regal dog names to choose from. No matter which name you pick, your pup is sure to stand out as a distinguished and regal canine companion.


1. How do I know if a regal dog name is right for my pup?

Consider your pup's personality and demeanor. If they exude confidence, elegance, and sophistication, a regal dog name might be a perfect fit for them.

2. Can I give my mixed-breed dog a regal name?

Absolutely! Your mixed-breed pup can rock a regal name just as well as any purebred. Embrace their unique personality and give them a name that reflects their distinguished nature.

3. Are there any specific regal dog names for small breeds?

While some regal dog names may have a grand and majestic feel, there are plenty of elegant and refined names that are perfect for small breeds as well. Consider names that exude sophistication and charm for your petite pup.


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